The Jellybeet Family

The Jellybeet Family is a first place winner in our 2013 Foodimal Contest!  

6 year old triplets, Abigail, John and Joseph, from Edmonton, had fun picking the purple beets for this foodimal family on their grandparents farm. The happy Jellybeet Family float in the ocean and often look like they are dancing.  When they are scared they let out a little puff of purple juice to confuse anyone trying to eat them!  The baby Jellybeet is very happy as her mom and dad help her find healthy snacks from the ocean.

How to make a Jellybeet Family

You will need:

  • 3 purple beets
  • 1 baby carrot
  • 3 black olives


  1. Arrange three beets of different sizes so that they are linked up or "holding hands".
  2. Thinly slice a baby carrot to use for eyes.
  3. Use three sliced black olives for their noses.

Last Update – November 9, 2016

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