Changes to EatRight Ontario

Government Funding to maintain EatRight Ontario services will not continue

Over the last decade, EatRight Ontario has answered thousands of nutrition questions over the phone and email. We’ve had millions of visitors to our award winning website and sent out thousands of nutrition handouts and packages in multiple languages. And most importantly, we’ve heard from so many of you that we’ve helped you make sense of overwhelming nutrition information and provided resources to get you on the path to healthier eating.
We are disappointed to have to share the news that the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care has decided to consolidate its telephone counselling and support services, and will no longer be providing funding to Dietitians of Canada to operate the EatRight Ontario service. This means that as of the end of March 2018, the EatRight Ontario dietitians will no longer be available to respond to your nutrition and healthy eating questions.
The many successes that our users have shared with us reinforce the importance and value of easy access to dietitian services.  Dietitians are passionate about the potential of food to enhance lives and improve health.  They look beyond gimmicks to deliver reliable, life changing advice.  For 10 years, the EatRight Ontario team has been proud to respond to your needs with caring, client centred and credible advice for all across Ontario, with no waiting, easy access and in your preferred language, at no charge to the user.  

Highlights of successes and impacts:
Knowledge Translation and Behaviour Change:
  • 90% of callers feel their needs have been met, they are better informed, and have more confidence to make healthy choices for themselves and their families.  
  • 90% of respondents said they made a change they felt would improve their health and/or reduce their risk of disease. 
User Satisfaction:
  • 99% of callers would recommend EatRight Ontario to others.
Quality of information:
  • 97% of user questions can be answered with the customized PEN® database.  The website has over 600 articles written and reviewed by dietitians and has recently won an international award for best website.
  • Contact volume has grown each year and the website receives 150,000 visitors monthly on average. 
  • The newsletter has 30,000 subscribers, with another 25,000 followers on social media.
Barrier free access:
  • ERO has reach across Ontario, with the highest reach in the north.
  • ERO has a collection of over 300 resources that have been culturally adapted and translated, while also providing translation services over the phone. 
For more on EatRight Ontario's successes and relationships, view our legacy report

 We will continue to update you on EatRight Ontario and Dietitian of Canada activities through the newsletter as well as Facebook and Twitter. The EatRight Ontario team will continue to be available to answer nutrition, food and healthy eating questions until Friday March 30, 2018.  Thank you for all your support. 

Last Update – April 20, 2018

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