College Heights Secondary School’s cafeteria attracts students with creative ideas

In September 2011, the Ministry of Education’s School Food and Beverage Policy became mandatory in all provincially funded schools.  With the introduction of the new policy, College Heights Secondary School in Guelph was up for the challenge. Below are the creative ideas that got students into the cafeteria to buy healthy foods.

Do a survey

College Heights Secondary School its own cafeteria. When the policy was first implemented, students were given a survey asking them what types of food they would buy in the cafeteria. Based on the results, the cafeteria started to offer foods that the students had asked for on the survey that met the criteria in the policy.

Run contests in the cafeteria

The school also ran a contest every week. The students received a ballot when they bought lunch. The ballot was entered into a draw to win two free tickets to a local movie theatre.

Offer a salad bar

A “build your own salad bar” was offered in the cafeteria once a week.  The senior students prepared the salad bar and ran it at lunch in the student cafeteria. Over time, the students started to purchase delicious and healthy salads from the salad bar.

Plan a healthy lifestyle month

When students go back to school in September, the school will be promoting a “Healthy Lifestyle” month. Michelle Bommarito (The Food Network cake challenge star) will come to speak to the students about maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Start a school garden

Future plans are to get a school garden started with the help of the green industry teacher and her classes.  Currently there is an offsite garden that is run by the agriculture students and they use the vegetables they grow in the cafeteria.

Bottom line

College Heights Secondary School will continue to find creative ways to get students excited about healthy eating. The upcoming year will bring more exciting initiatives for healthy eating opportunities!

Great job College Heights!

For more information, contact:

Lori Furfaro, Technology Co-Head 

Last Update – June 13, 2013

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