Maxwell Heights students celebrate international foods

With the introduction of the School Food and Beverage Policy in September 2011, foods sold to students across Ontario schools have changed to healthier options.   To support the promotion of healthier foods at school, Oshawa’s Maxwell Heights School in Durham District School Board has come up with some creative ideas.

Students prepare international recipes for the cafeteria

Chartwells Education Dining Food Service runs the cafeteria at Maxwell Heights and offers student-friendly recipes that meet the policy criteria. The culinary students at the school decided to get involved by preparing Chartwells international recipes in their classroom to sell in the cafeteria that also meet the nutrition standards in the policy.

Elizabeth McKay, the Chartwells District Manager for Maxwell Heights, says that the international recipes prepared by the culinary students were a great way to get students involved. The international themes included foods from the Caribbean Islands, Mexico, the Mediterranean Greek Isles, Italy and India.

Students loved the Greek-themed meal and it doubled the cafeteria sales.  The menu featured chicken souvlaki, tzatziki and falafel with tabbouleh. All recipes are sure to be repeated next year! 

Promoting the international cuisine

Teams of business students had a class project that involved promoting the international cuisines and creating authentic decorations for each event.  Each of the 5 teams was graded based on their efforts. The business students made the cafeteria fun with music, contests and wonderful themes and costumes. 

These theme days were very popular events that brought new students to the cafeteria. The students were ready to try all the tasty and healthy menu offerings.  Great tasting food, diverse flavour and creative decorations and music are a great way to make healthy eating fun. The secret is to get the students to participate.

Bottom line

Elizabeth McKay says that Chartwells staff work with students in many different schools to make sure the cafeteria menu meets the needs and demands of each school population. “We are here to make the student dining experience a memorable one!”

Great job Maxwell Heights!

For more information, contact:

Elizabeth McKay, District Manager, Chartwells Education Dining Services

Last Update – April 26, 2013

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