Students at Cardinal Carter Catholic High School take the lead when it comes to healthy eating

Cardinal Carter Catholic High School in Aurora has been hard at work making the school a healthier place after the implementation of the Ontario Ministry of Education’s School Food and Beverage Policy. It began with the passion of Amanda Incognito, a grade 10 student who wanted to help teach her classmates about choosing healthy foods at school. Amanda started “Health for Life” which organizes activities and events to promote eating well and being active. 

Health for Life promotes healthy eating throughout the school year

  • During the Terri Fox Run that is held in the fall, the Health for Life committee gave out healthy granola bars and water bottles to the students.  
  • Later in the winter, Health for Life gave out banana and strawberry smoothies during Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving (OSAID) Awareness Week to promote healthy eating choices. 
  • In the spring, students involved in Health for Life went to a health and drug awareness conference where they took part in activities like belly dancing, yoga and hip hop to encourage them to keep active in their everyday lives. 
  • Later in the spring, Health for Life invited a local chiropractor to speak to students about a healthy lifestyle by eating right, staying active and being emotionally happy. Healthy snacks were also given out to all students at this event.  
  • The year ended with a BBQ in partnership with OSAID where healthy foods were sold. 

This past year, Health for Life did an excellent job in promoting healthy eating to the students of Cardinal Carter using the School Food and Beverage Policy as the foundation. The Health for Life committee is excited to continue their success by adding even more events and activities for students to promote healthy eating and physical activity in the school.  

Funding for the various events came from the Student Council, the OSAID council and the York Region Healthy Schools grant. 

Well done Cardinal Carter!


For more information, please contact:

Lynn Oliphant, Vice Principal, Cardinal Carter Catholic High School

Last Update – April 26, 2013

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