Students from Queen of Heaven Elementary School learn about healthy eating from high school culinary students

In September 2011, the School Food and Beverage Policy was implemented in all publicly funded schools in Ontario.  In order to share their knowledge about healthy eating, St. Francis Xavier high school students from the Hospitality and Food and Nutrition program made a visit to Queen of Heaven Elementary School.  The high school students shared their knowledge about making good food choices with the elementary students during a one-day wellness fair. 

Four workshop stations were set up so that the younger students could learn about:

  • Home gardening and planting 
  • Healthy eating
  • Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide and  
  • Label reading  

From planting seeds to picking fresh vegetables, students were excited to find out how easy it is to grow vegetables at home.  Students got involved in a variety of hands-on activities that included making chickpea hummus and tasting whole grain crackers with vegetables and dip. The students enjoyed a variety of food and took home great recipes to share with their families. 

Students helping students eat healthy

A few weeks later, the elementary students were treated to a lunch cooked by the high school students. Menu items were from the “Sell Most” category of foods in the School Food and Beverage Policy. Stan Zerdin, Instructor of Hospitality at St. Francis Xavier, says that all foods are made from scratch and meet the nutrition criteria of “Sell Most” foods.  In the Ontario School Food and Beverage Policy, the “Sell Most” category foods and beverages are the healthiest options and generally have higher levels of nutrients and lower amounts of fat, sugar, and/or sodium.

Bottom line

Interaction between the two groups of students created a great learning experience. Senior students were able to showcase their culinary talents and younger students learned that healthy eating can be creative and fun.  

Congratulations to Principal Anne Marie Slak, Queen of Heaven Elementary School and teachers Stanley Zerdin, Joanne Hebert and dietitian Michelle Alcia-Popplewell, St. Francis Xavier Secondary School!


For more information contact:

Stan Zerdin, Instructor of Hospitality, St. Francis Xavier Secondary School 

Last Update – October 15, 2013

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