Food Choices When Money is Tight - Budget-Friendly Information Sheets and Recipes

Download and print these information sheets. They provide budget-friendly recipes, practical tips on saving money at the grocery store and healthy meal ideas that make the most of each ingredient.

Meal Planning Tips and Recipes

Healthy Family Meals (PDF)
Planning Healthy Meals (PDF)
More recipes (PDF)

Saving Money at the Grocery Store

Save Money at the Grocery Store (PDF)
Fruit Best Buys (PDF)
Storing Fruit (PDF)
Vegetable Best Buys (PDF)
Storing Vegetables (PDF)
Grain Products Best Buys (PDF)
Meat and Alternatives Best Buys (PDF)
Milk and Alternatives Best Buys (PDF)
Places to go when you do not have enough money for food (PDF)


Last Update – June 11, 2018

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