8 Great Ways to Eat More Local Food

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Eating more local food is a great way to support our farmers and enjoy fresh food produced close to home. There are many ways to eat more local food. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Buy food produced in Ontario 

Ontario farmers produce a wide variety of food, not just vegetables and fruit. Some foods like eggs, milk and beef are available all year long. The easiest way to tell if a food is produced in Ontario is to look for the Foodland Ontario logo. If you don’t see the logo, ask the manager at the grocery store if the food is from Ontario.

Learn how to prepare local food 

Not sure how to pick, store or use rutabagas, beets or other local foods? You’re not alone! Use the search box on the Unlock Food website to find your favourite local foods such as eggs or asparagus. You can also visit Foodland Ontario for practical tips. 

Plan meals and snacks using local food 

Build your menus around what’s in season when food tastes best. View Foodland Ontario’s Availability Guide to enjoy in season vegetables and fruit. Check out these Foodland Ontario in season recipes.

Preserve local food 

Enjoy your favourite local seasonal food all year long. For helpful tips, check out these home canning basics and freezing basics.

Join a Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) program 

A CSA program is a program where individuals pay a fee to a farmer before the growing season begins. Once the farm starts to produce food, you get a weekly share of it.  Find a CSA program near you by visiting the Ontario CSA farm directory.

Visit a local farmers’ market 

Eat fresh and support your community by visiting a local farmers’ markets or on-farm market. To find a market near you, visit Farmers’ Markets Ontario or the Ontario Farm Fresh Marketing Association

Grow your own local food 

Try growing some tomatoes in your yard or herbs on a balcony or even a windowsill. Need a place to grow food? Find a community garden by contacting your local municipality. You can meet and learn from other gardeners in your community and get some exercise too.  Find out more. Visit: Urban Agriculture Business Information Bundle Master Gardeners of Ontario Ontario Horticultural Association

Visit a pick-your-own farm 

Get your kids excited about food by visiting an apple orchard or a pumpkin patch. Find a local pick-your-own farm.

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Last Update – October 31, 2018

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