Benefits of Buying Local Food

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Do you look for local local food when you go shopping? Take a look at these five benefits of why buying local is best!

1. Local food is fresh

The closer food is produced to home, often the fresher and tastier it will be. Did you know? The eggs you buy at the store come from a local farm. It only takes 4-7 days for eggs to travel from the farm to the grocery store. That’s fresh!

2. Local food has variety 

In addition to the over 50 different vegetables and fruit that are locally grown, Ontario also produces:

  • Meat: beef, veal, pork, lamb
  • Poultry: chicken, turkey, duck
  • Fish: Trout, pickerel, perch
  • Eggs
  • Legumes: beans, lentils
  • Dairy: cheese and milk
  • Honey, wine and maple syrup too

Did you know? Foodland Ontario’s availability guide lists all the vegetables and fruit produced in Ontario and shows when they are in season. Can’t remember what is in season when?  Look for the Foodland Ontario logo to know if your food is locally produced.

3. Buying local saves money 

Food produced close to home is often a good buy. Plan meals around what’s in season to help you save. For example, eat locally produced asparagus often in the spring when it’s in season, priced best and tastes terrific. Some locally produced food like eggs, milk and beans are good buys all year long. Did you know?  Canning or freezing is another way to take advantage of well-priced seasonal vegetables and fruit.  It’s also a great way to eat local all year long.

4. Buying local supports farmers 

Buying local food provides income to farmers so they can keep farming. That helps to create affordable, nutritious, high quality food for the future. Did you know? While vegetables and fruit tend to be seasonal, there are many vegetables that are locally produced and available all year long like mushrooms, rutabaga, onions, sweet potato, sprouts, greenhouse lettuce and cucumber.

5. Buying local preserves our farms 

When you buy local food, you are helping to preserve our valuable farmland for future generations. Did you know? A well-managed farm helps to preserve the land, air, water and biodiversity.

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Last Update – October 31, 2018

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