Nutrition Labelling (Videos)


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Episode 1 of 5: Introduction to Nutrition Labelling (Video)

Learn more about the information found on food packaging labels such as the Nutrition Facts table, the ingredient list and nutrition claims.

Episode 2 of 5: Nutrition Facts Table Important Nutrients (Video)

Learn how to use the information on serving size, calories and how key nutrients are important to your health.

Episode 3 of 5: Nutrition Facts Table Five Features (Video)

Take a closer look at the five key features of the Nutrition Facts table: Serving size, calories, % Daily Value and the nutrients you need to get more of and which nutrients you should avoid.

Episode 4 of 5: % Daily Value (Video)

Learn more about what % Daily Value means and how it can be used to make healthy choices.

Episode 5 of 5: Focus on Carbohydrate (Video)

Learn more about carbohydrate including food sources, what to look for on the nutrition facts table and how carbohydrate impacts your blood sugar levels. This segment is especially useful for people with diabetes.

Showing 1-5 of 5 Videos for "Nutrition Labelling (Videos)"