You can eat healthy any time of the year. Tips for holidays, celebrations and enjoying the changing seasons.

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New Year and a New You! Make a resolution that can work for you

Find ideas for easy changes you can make to your eating habits, physical activities and stress management. Begin with one or two of these “resolutions” to create a more balanced, healthier you.

Resolutions you can live by

It’s that time of year when holiday festivities can get it the way with our best laid plans to keep our weight in check and our bodies in shape. You can eat healthy and keep active during the holiday season if you make a plan and stick with it. And don’t forget to have fun!

The frozen treats of summer

Get some ideas on how to make summer’s tastiest treats and how you can cool down while still making healthier choices.

Turkey Food Safety

If turkey is the star of your holiday meal make sure that it’s as safe as it is delicious. Here we give you food safety tips on how to buy, prepare and serve your turkey.

What should I pack in my picnic basket this summer?

Summer is the perfect time to get outside and visit parks, go hiking, or relax by the water. But what should you bring while you’re out exploring? Read on to learn about packing a healthy (and safe) picnic basket.

Showing 11-15 of 15 Articles for "Celebrations"