Nutrition Labelling

Food labels are a very useful source of nutrition information, click here to learn how to use them when shopping.

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Episode 4 of 5: % Daily Value (Video)

Learn more about what % Daily Value means and how it can be used to make healthy choices.

Episode 5 of 5: Focus on Carbohydrate (Video)

Learn more about carbohydrate including food sources, what to look for on the nutrition facts table and how carbohydrate impacts your blood sugar levels. This segment is especially useful for people with diabetes.

Food Safety - Canned Foods

Canning is an important and safe method for preserving food. Manufactured canned foods like sauces, beans, lentils, pastas, tuna, vegetables and fruits are pantry staples. Canned and jarred items have long shelf lives, but food safety rules still apply. Read on to learn more about keeping foods safe on your kitchen shelves.

Showing 6-8 of 8 Articles for "Nutrition Labelling"