Physical Activity

Read on for practical tips and information to get you moving.

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Healthy Eating Checklist for Active Adults

Eating right and being active go hand in hand. Do your eating habits support your active lifestyle? Use this checklist.

Keep Active at Work

Being active at work can help you be more productive and lower stress. The good news is, every bit of activity counts!

Let’s Get Active! A Seniors’ Guide to Physical Activity

Regardless of age, everyone can exercise and benefit from it, even if you have never been active before. Find out how you can get started today.

Let's Get Active! A Parent's Guide to Physical Activity for Kids

Learn more about physical activity and get tips on how to encourage your kids to get active.

Sports Nutrition: Facts on Carbohydrate, Fat and Protein

Eating a balanced amount of carbohydrate, fat and protein is important to play sports at your best. Read on to learn more about that.

Showing 6-10 of 17 Articles for "Physical Activity"