Food safety

You can help reduce the risk of foodborne illness by reading these important tips and facts.

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All About Eggs

Eggs are both nutritious and safe to eat. Here we’ll explain how you can include eggs as part of your healthy food choices.

Everyday Tips for Washing Vegetables and Fruit

Knowing how to wash different types of vegetables and fruit the right way will keep your food tasting great and safe to eat.

Everything You Need to Know About the Food Safety of Canned Foods

Canning is an important and safe method for preserving food. Manufactured canned foods like sauces, beans, lentils, pastas, tuna, vegetables and fruits are pantry staples. Canned and jarred items have long shelf lives, but food safety rules still apply. Read on to learn more about keeping foods safe on your kitchen shelves.

Facts on Food Additives

Find out what food additives are and their role in the food supply.

Facts on Pasteurization

This article give you the facts about pasteurization and food safety.

Showing 1-5 of 28 Articles for "Food safety"