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Understanding Genetically Modified Foods

Health Canada makes sure that all foods, including GM foods, are safe for us to eat. Read on to learn more about GMOs and GM foods.

What Are the Different Types of Sweeteners? Are They Safe?

Sweeteners are sugar substitutes that have a sweet taste. There are many different types of sweeteners available.

What you Need to Know about Pesticides

You have probably heard about pesticides, but may have questions about their safety. Read on to learn about pesticides, why they are used and their safety.

What you Need to Know about Preservatives

Some preservatives come from natural sources like salt, sugar, vinegar and citrus juice. Other preservatives are human-made or synthetic.

What You Need to Know About Sulphites

Sulphites are substances that are naturally found in some foods. They are also used as an additive.

Showing 6-10 of 10 Articles for "Food Technology"