All About Store Bought Baby Food

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Store bought and homemade baby foods are both good choices for your baby.  Read on to learn how to pick the best store bought baby foods and use them safely.

What should I look for on the nutrition label of baby food?

When reading the nutrition label, look at the ingredient list. Look for baby foods with:

  • Healthy ingredients: If you are buying a jar of vegetables like squash, you want squash to be listed as the first ingredient. 
  • Fewer ingredients: Avoid baby foods with added sugar, salt, margarine, butter or fillers (starches like corn or rice).  

Should I buy organic store bought baby foods?

The choice is up to you. Both organic and non-organic baby foods are healthy choices for your baby and generally have similar amounts of nutrients. If you choose to buy organic baby food, you may consider many different things like its availability, price, taste and texture, and personal values. Organic baby foods usually cost more and may still have added sugar and salt, so reading the ingredient list is important.

How do I safely use store bought baby food?

  • When you open a jar of baby food, listen for a popping sound. This tells you that it has been sealed properly and is safe to eat.
  • If there is no popping sound, throw it away since it may be unsafe for your baby to eat.
  • Look at the best before or expiration date. Don’t use baby foods after this date.
  • Do not feed your baby out of the jar. Transfer the baby food to a separate plate. This will prevent your baby’s saliva from spoiling the food.
  • Throw away any food on the plate that your baby doesn’t eat.

How do I store baby food?

  • Cover opened baby food jars of fruit or vegetables and store them in the fridge for up to two days. 
  • Cover opened jars of meats and poultry, including combinations of meat or poultry and vegetables and store them in the fridge for up to one day.

Bottom line 

When buying store bought baby food, look at the ingredient list and choose baby foods with healthy ingredients. Avoid baby foods with added sugar, salt, margarine, butter or fillers. 

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Last Update – July 25, 2018

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