Nutrition Month

Every March, Registered Dietitians celebrate Nutrition Month.

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Nutrition Month 2021

Nutrition Month 2021

Packing Healthy Lunches and Snacks for Work

Packing your lunch for work is a healthy and budget-friendly habit. Fuel your workday the healthy way with these fresh ideas for packed lunches!

Tips for healthy snacking for people with diabetes

Snacking can be an important part of your meal plan if you have diabetes. But how many snacks should you have each day? And what should you snack on? Learn more about healthy snacking and diabetes below.

Top 5 reasons to see a dietitian

Learn more about why people go to a dietitian and what they can help you with.

What kind of training and education does a dietitian have in Canada?

Learn more about the education and training that is needed for someone to become a dietitian in Canada.

Showing 11-15 of 17 Articles for "Nutrition Month"