What can a dietitian do for you?

Run time: 3m 52s

Join dietitians Andy De Santis and Adaora Oguine and Shannon Acheson of Home Made Lovely as they discuss a wide variety of topics including the science of food, nutrition and healthy eating.

Dietitians love food and our curiosity to understand the science behind it drives us. Like all regulated health professionals, we undergo comprehensive and rigorous training, both on the job and in universities. You can finding us working everywhere, including in health care, the food industry, education, business, government, and many other places. 

We collaborate with our patients, clients, industry and government leaders, and communities to deliver reliable, life-changing advice. 

To search for a dietitian in your area, visit Dietitian services are often covered under employee benefits.


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Last Update – February 15, 2019

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Dietitians look beyond fads to deliver reliable, life-changing advice. Want to unlock the potential of food? Connect with a dietitian.