About UnlockFood.ca

UnlockFood.ca (formerly EatRightOntario.ca) is a bilingual award winning website brought to you by Dietitians of Canada.
On UnlockFood.ca you’ll find information on nutrition, food and healthy eating as well as recipes, videos and interactive healthy eating tools.  The content is written and reviewed by dietitians using the trusted information in the Practice-based Evidence in Nutrition (PEN®) database
The content on UnlockFood.ca focuses on healthy eating through the lifecycle (from infants to seniors) as well as chronic disease prevention.  Popular content includes diabetes, infant feeding, digestive concerns, weight management and heart disease. There are also useful resources on cooking, shopping, meal planning, picky eating and more. 

Find out more about dietitians:

Dietitians are passionate about food. There are more than 10,000 dietitians in Canada who share a deep appreciation of food, a curiosity to understand the science behind it and the tools to unlock its potential. Like all regulated health professionals, dietitians undergo comprehensive and rigorous training, both on the job and in universities. Dietitians are committed to collaborating with patients, clients and communities to achieve their shared goals of better eating and improved health – without fads or gimmicks.  Find out more about dietitians here

Provincial Call Centres:

These provinces have call centres where you can speak with a dietitian at no cost:

In Alberta, call Health Link 811 or visit the website.

In British Columbia, call 8-1-1

In Manitoba, call toll free 1-877-830-2892 or 204-788-8248 in Winnipeg

In Ontario, call Telehealth Ontario toll free at 1-866-797-0000.

In Newfoundland & Labrador, call 8-1-1

In Saskatchwan, contact Eat Well Saskatchewan. You can speak to a dietitian Monday to Thursday between 10am - 4pm (CST) by phone 1-833-966-5541 or email eatwell@usask.ca.

How to work with a dietitian:

  1. To find a local dietitian for individual fee for service appointments, visit Find a Dietitian and search by postal code, city and/or specialty. Your employee benefits may cover dietitian services. If your benefits do not cover dietitian services, find out more about what you can do.
  2. If you belong to a Family Health Team in Ontario, ask to speak to the dietitian.
  3. If you have diabetes or are at risk for diabetes, you can ask your doctor or self-refer to a publicly funded Diabetes Education Program.
  4. Your family doctor or specialist may be able to refer you to an outpatient clinic with access to a dietitian.
  5. Public Health Units and Community Health Centres offer counselling, free programs and workshops with access to a dietitian.  Criteria to access these services will depend on the program and organization.
  6. If you receive homecare services, you can call your case manager to see if they can have a homecare dietitian come to the house.  A physician's referral is typically not required.
  7. Some grocery stores offer fee for service appointments with dietitians along with some free programming like cooking demonstrations and workshops.  Check with your local store.