Mental Health

Emotional well-being and mental health can affect physical health.

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Autism and Nutrition

You might have heard that there are different diets and supplements that may help with the symptoms of autism. Read on to learn about the current research.

Commonly Asked Questions About ADHD and Nutrition

ADHD is a chronic disorder that affects an estimated 5 to 9% of children. Read this article to find answers to commonly asked questions about ADHD and nutrition.

Healthy Habits to Cope with Stress

Stress has been proven to cause an increase or decrease in appetite (the desire to eat). Read on for ways to manage your stress in a healthy way.

When Eating and Weight are Concerns: A Glimpse at Eating Disorders

Do you or someone you know think about food or body size in a way that prevents you from enjoying life? Learn more about the different types of these conditions and where to seek help.

Showing 1-4 of 4 Articles for "Mental Health"