Nutrition Labelling

Food labels are a very useful source of nutrition information, click here to learn how to use them when shopping.

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Decoding the Nutrition Label: Health Claims and Nutrient Content Claims

Choosing foods with health claims may help you lower your risk of these diseases when used as part of an overall healthy and well-balanced diet.

Everything You Need to Know About the Food Safety of Canned Foods

Canning is an important and safe method for preserving food. Manufactured canned foods like sauces, beans, lentils, pastas, tuna, vegetables and fruits are pantry staples. Canned and jarred items have long shelf lives, but food safety rules still apply. Read on to learn more about keeping foods safe on your kitchen shelves.

Understanding Food Labels in Canada

Learn more about the Nutrition Facts Table and the information on your food packaging.

Showing 1-3 of 3 Articles for "Nutrition Labelling"