Nutrition Labelling

Food labels are a very useful source of nutrition information, click here to learn how to use them when shopping.

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Decoding the Nutrition Label: Health Claims and Nutrient Content Claims

Choosing foods with health claims may help you lower your risk of these diseases when used as part of an overall healthy and well-balanced diet.

Episode 1 of 5: Introduction to Nutrition Labelling (Video)

Learn more about the information found on food packaging labels such as the Nutrition Facts table, the ingredient list and nutrition claims.

Episode 2 of 5: Nutrition Facts Table Important Nutrients (Video)

Learn how to use the information on serving size, calories and how key nutrients are important to your health.

Episode 3 of 5: Nutrition Facts Table Five Features (Video)

Take a closer look at the five key features of the Nutrition Facts table: Serving size, calories, % Daily Value and the nutrients you need to get more of and which nutrients you should avoid.

Episode 4 of 5: % Daily Value (Video)

Learn more about what % Daily Value means and how it can be used to make healthy choices.

Showing 1-5 of 8 Articles for "Nutrition Labelling"