How to Make Healthy Choices While Breastfeeding

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Taking good care of yourself while breastfeeding is very important to feel your best. Here are some healthy choices you can make while breastfeeding your little one. 

Eat Well While Breastfeeding

Enjoy a variety of nutritious foods in Canada’s Food Guide to help you feel your best. Try not to diet while you are breastfeeding. Instead, focus on eating healthy. Check out these quick and easy breakfast, lunch and snack ideas. Remember to drink plenty of fluids like water to keep your body well hydrated. It’s best to limit the amount of caffeine you have to no more than 300 mg a day. That includes caffeine in coffee, tea, and soft drinks, as well as chocolate. Be aware that herbal teas may not be safe to use while breastfeeding. Learn more about safe caffeine intakes and herbal teas.

Be Active While Breastfeeding

Being active has important benefits for both your body and mind. Try to get out for a walk with your baby as often as possible or put some music on and dance around the house with your baby. Get more tips here.

Rest Up While Breastfeeding

Keep in mind that you will need even more rest when you are breastfeeding because your body is working to make milk. Get the support of family and friends as much as possible to give yourself time to rest.

Other Wise Choices You Can Make While Breastfeeding

Quit smoking and make sure your baby is not exposed to any second-hand smoke. Avoid alcohol. There is no safe amount of alcohol you can drink while breastfeeding. Alcohol freely crosses into breastmilk and will be ingested by your baby. If you drink alcohol, for every one drink you consume, you should not breastfeed for two to three hours. If you will be having a drink, consider expressing your breastmilk using a breast pump beforehand. Ask about medications. Speak to your doctor or health care provider before taking prescription medications, over the counter drugs or vitamins while breastfeeding.

Bottom Line

Making healthy choices while breastfeeding will benefit both you and your baby. 

Last Update – November 23, 2022

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