Weight and Health

Practical information on how to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

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What You Need to Know About Sugar

Do you have questions about sugar and healthy eating? Read on to learn how to make healthy choices when it comes to sugar and sweet foods.

When Eating and Weight are Concerns: A Glimpse at Eating Disorders

Do you or someone you know think about food or body size in a way that prevents you from enjoying life? Learn more about the different types of these conditions and where to seek help.

Will Bowel Cleansing Help Me Lose Weight and Keep My Digestive System Healthy?

Bowel cleanses are not recommended for weight loss or to keep your digestive system healthy.

Will the Paleo Diet Help Me Lose Weight?

The Paleo or Paleolithic diet (also called the Caveman or Stone Age diet) has become quite popular but does it work?

You Can Ask For Smaller Portions

How can you enjoy the great taste of restaurant food without overeating? Ask for smaller portions.

Showing 11-15 of 16 Articles for "Weight and Health"