Immune System

The parts of the body that work together to protect you from harmful substances and fight illnesses.

Impaired Fasting Glucose

Your fasting blood glucose level is higher than normal. This is usually measured on an empty stomach and before taking an oral glucose tolerance test.

Impaired Glucose Tolerance

Your blood glucose level is higher than normal two hours after taking an oral glucose tolerance test.

Insoluble Fibre

A type of dietary fibre increases stool bulk. This type of fibre keeps your bowels regular and prevents constipation. Sources include wheat bran, whole grain breads, flax seed, some vegetables and the skins of fruits.


Insulin is the hormone that is produced to help glucose from food enter the body’s cells. When someone with diabetes can no longer produce insulin, they can inject the insulin as a medication.


Iron is an essential mineral that helps to form red blood cells and brings oxygen to your body's organs and muscles. Iron is found in meats, poultry, fish, dried fruits, whole grain cereals, legumes and dark leafy green vegetables. Our bodies absorb the iron found in animal foods better than the iron from plant sources.