Natural health-care products

Also called complementary medicines or traditional remedies, these include vitamins and minerals, and herbal products.


A stomach upset with food avoidance and wanting to vomit.

Neural tube defects

The neural tube in the unborn baby becomes the brain and spinal cord. During the early weeks of pregnancy, neural tube defects (NTD) can occur if the neural tube does not close properly. Women can greatly decrease their risk of having a baby with a NTD if they take a folic acid supplement before the baby is conceived and in the early weeks of the pregnancy.


A food additive that is used in certain foods to stop the growth of bacteria. Nitrates are also added to food to enhance their flavor and colour.


A compound added to food as a preservative and for flavour and color. Often used in deli meat, pork, fish and beef products.

Nutrigenomics or Nutritional Genomics

the study of the relationship between nutrients or diet and the genetic makeup of a person to prevent diet-related diseases.

Nutrition Facts Panel

Found on most packaged food items in Canada, this mandatory labeling lists nutrient amounts based on a specific amount of food.